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Industrial Staffing Solutions

There are many positions that could arise in an industrial setting. Temping Agency will be able to fill any of them on short notice – from cleaning staff to fork lifters etc. We have an extensive database of candidates who will be able to fill these positions. They are experienced, have the necessary qualifications and are ready, willing and able to work as soon as the job spec comes in. If you’re not sure about which requirements the candidate should meet in order to do the specific job, our experienced consultants will help you put together the necessary job description. They will also help you with any other requirements that you may have regarding the position or other positions that you may have in mind.

Skilled and Technical Staffing

There is always a need for skilled and technical staff. We have many very well qualified, experienced and skilled technical staff in our database of candidates. Our consultants will be able to find the right person for your position without much trouble. Because we aim for solutions and not just service, we will also go on a recruitment drive to find the right person for you if we don’t have any suitable candidates on our books. All this at no extra cost to you.

Drivers and Technicians

Drivers and technicians are always in high demand and finding ones that are available is practically impossible. Workers Direct has enough of these candidates in our database in order to fulfil your needs speedily. Our drivers have all the statutory qualifications and certifications and the technicians are suitably qualified and experienced. Both of these classes of candidates are highly skilled at what they do and come highly recommended by our consultants who deal with them on a daily basis.

General Helpers and Support Staff

They work in the background and are hardly ever noticed. However: If they’re not there, their absence is sorely noted. If you need to hire somebody on a temporary basis to fill one of these positions, you need access to Workers Direct’s extensive database. Our friendly consultants will assist you in any way possible to find the right general helper or support person for your organisation. As with all our candidates, our general helpers and support staff are experienced and have all the statutory certification that they may need to do their jobs.

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