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One of the benefits of having access to temporary staff is that you can arrange for staff to be on call. This means that your chosen temps are ready to come to work at a moment’s notice. All you have to do is ask the agency to make a call to the temp and inform him / her that they are needed at your offices.

How does the staff on call system work?

The on-call system is a very simple system. For it to work, the agency has to understand your productivity needs. It is also important that the temp understands what is expected of him / her. The best approach would be to identify the ideal candidate for the job and introduce him / her to the company and the office that s/he will be working in. It is also advisable to allow the temp to spend some time observing / working in your office in order to get a feel for the job that s/he will be expected to do.

Agree the terms and conditions

Once the ideal candidate is identified, the terms and conditions of his / her on-call status need to be negotiated. Some of the terms could be the hours that the candidate will be expected to be on call. Furthermore, the rate per hour for the period of on-call service also needs to be determined. The rate could be the same as if the candidate is actually working. Alternatively there could be a reduced rate for the on-call period with an increased rate for actual hours worked.


Our service provides for a service that makes candidates conveniently available whenever you need temporary staff. The candidate will be ready to go in to your office at a moment’s notice and work the hours required. This makes for a convenient solution to having work done on a just-in-time basis at the most affordable way possible.

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