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As part of Workers Direct, Our team known as one of the best temping agency in London. We can claim this based on the many years of experience that we have in the temporary recruitment field. Our placement rates, satisfied clients and happy candidates all attest to our ability to provide an excellent service.


As team of professionals we can confidently say that we have an outstanding track record in all of the above. Our first concern is always the client’s needs and then we consider our candidates’ potential to fulfil those needs.

We are not the regular staff recruitment agency that you will find advertised on the net and in the papers. Our candidates come from a range of backgrounds and are placed on our extensive, specialist databases.

As a temping agency we vetted all candidates with great vigour. Being a top temp agency our consultants not only present the candidate’s CV, but also with test results of their skills and full reference checks.

Our Consultants

The consultant that you deal with will have had a thorough face-to-face interview with the candidate and will be able to tell you his / her impressions of the candidate.

Agency temps are usually very experienced individuals as they are required to work in a variety of settings. Here they gain a smorgasbord of knowledge and learn to be very adaptable to the different situations that they are placed in. Temps are also very keen to learn as each new skills provides them with an additional opportunity to find assignments. This is beneficial to your company as the work will be done with new creativity and analytical skills.

Service We Provide Quality Recruitment Solutions


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Temporary Staff

Our usual staff would be more than willing to go for temporary role to see if they do fit in to the mix of their next job location. This gives great opportunity for clients as well.

Contractual Staff

Our contractual staff would be provided enough notification before job start to confirm their availability for next adventure. Most of these are our regular applicants.

DBS and Vetting process

We do run through complete vetting process before sending any applicant for their thorough DBS checks. This gives us complete knowledge of their likely future roles.

Increase staffing

To increase staff there is no reason for clients to worry as we can do it in a few moments even. Our database is full of people with unbelievable calibre of skills and experiences.

Flexible workforce

Our workers are flexible so available to start as soon as you need them. Their experience is next to none other in that very industry and they can start right away.

Hire 1 or 1000 people

Our people are available in all sorts of industries in all areas of UK. You can instantly get people from us from as little as 1 to as many as 1000 in one go.

24 hour support

Our team is available around the clock working for you. It means if you are put at halt by certain person that you need replacing we can help.

Screening / vetting

Screening/vetting process from us is usual for each and every candidate. We get reference checked and ensure our people have been vetted.

Permanent Staff

Our usual staff would be more than willing to go for temporary roles to ensure they would be filled up available for next adventurous run to get permanent.

Why Choose Us

In the competitive corporate world, it is very difficult to find the right temp for the job. You need specific skills and experience and most people with these skills and experience are already taken – either as temps or on a permanent basis.

Right Temp on Right Time

Temp Agency make sure each and every candidate placed on time exactly according to clients requirements.

Your Temp Agency

We can fill any temp position on short notice according to the job requirements.

Temps Registered With Us

Register your CV today for ASAP start on flexible shifts & working hours.

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