May 03, 2019

Analyze Your Effectiveness

You are paid for your work. But the award is paid for the labor above the expected result. Mark projects, tasks, assignments, with which you have successfully managed, evaluate the results of your work for a certain period. Compare them with the goals that the leadership has set for you. So you understand what worked best, and what else you need to work on. Let the fixation of achievements become your weekly habit. Record the analysis data on a sheet of paper or compose the report in electronic form – they will be useful in the future.

Take the Initiative

If you have nothing to write down in the table of achievements, correct the situation and start acting right now. But do not expect that someone else will tell you what to do-take the initiative yourself. Look at work in the company, in your department or on the site in a new way, think about what you can improve here, while spending less money. Support your thinking with arguments proving the positive result of the innovation, and a list of steps that will be taken to implement the initiative. And, of course, take responsibility for the embodiment of ideas.

Increase Your Value

If you want to receive a bonus, an increase in salary or even an increase, you must prove to the management that you are of particular value to the company. In this business, one cannot do without constant self-education and professional growth. Build a personal professional brand, learn to spend the weekend with a career benefit, attend training and seminars, activities of interest, study foreign languages, communicate with useful people, make new acquaintances.


You took the initiative and saved the company a large amount of money, increased the customer base fivefold, produced +100500 parts. It is likely the leadership will note this. But it is possible that some efforts will be missed. Your task at the right time to remind about this. Learn to speak with the immediate supervisor. Tell us about the fact that in the next period you expect to receive encouragement and want to understand what you need to do for this. Announce to him the plans and goals, the achievement of which will indicate your effectiveness. Approve them with the boss and get the consent that if the conditions are met, the premium will be paid to you.

Follow these simple roles, and your bonuses will find you. The only thing that Jooble does not advise to do is to seek payment of the award through blackmail and threaten with a statement of resignation. So you risk your reputation – the employer will consider you a manipulator, and further negotiations, whatever they touch, will not succeed.

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