Recruitment leaders are facing tough decisions during a pandemic. With many recruitment mandates on hold, furloughed staff and uncertainty about the future, marketing may not seem like a priority. But with marketing automation tools and an opportunity to use the time productively to prepare for the upturn, now is the opportune time to get started.

Thrive!, a leading provider of recruitment marketing consultancy and delivery has compiled a new eBook, Recruitment Marketing in Uncertain Times. With more than 30 years of marketing experience within the recruitment industry, including first-hand experience of emerging from the Great Recession, Thrive! provides the blueprint for recruitment leaders looking to:

  • Retain existing customers
  • Optimise marketing budgets
  • Develop email marketing and marketing automation strategy
  • Learn from customers’ previous recessionary behaviours
  • Develop strong internal communications and employer branding, especially if faced with negative news

Kristie Perrotte, Founder & CMO of Thrive! said, “Recruitment leaders face mounting challenges and tough decisions, with many considering cutting marketing budgets as a cost-saving measure. But with more robust digital channels and automation tools, marketing becomes the vehicle to ‘keep the lights on’ – particularly with many staff furloughed over this period.”

Perrotte continues, “While budgets are stretched and priorities evolving, laying the groundwork now will ensure that recruitment businesses are best prepared to survive and thrive when we return to the ‘new normal’.”

To help recruitment leaders manage Recruitment Marketing in Uncertain Times, Thrive! recommends the following six marketing initiatives:

  • Create 4-8 week editorial calendars for your (automated) email, social media and content (blog) creation
  • Give your LinkedIn company page and consultant profiles a facelift
  • Develop personas and pain points for key candidate, client and internal recruitment audiences
  • Consider website enhancements to deliver more inbound traffic and leads
  • Compile case studies or testimonials, display them on your website and marketing materials
  • Review your marketing metrics and identify your best performing channels; calculate your cost per acquisition per channel

Perrotte concludes: “Recruitment leaders have an opportunity to effectively automate their sales funnel, widening their reach and taking away manual, time consuming tasks. This frees up consultants to focus on value-added activities – like converting leads and working the job – enabling recruiters to maximise productivity and generate revenue.”

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