Title: Temporary Nurses in London

Locations:  London

Duration: Temporary

Timing: Full time

Job Started:  ASAP

Salary: £9.50 to £10.50 per hour


We are looking for qualified and experienced Temporary Nurses in London to provide nursing and medical care to patients. They will work as a part of team with doctors, therapists and surgeons to ensure proper medical facilities are being provided to patients.


Main Responsibilities

  • Assisting Doctors in pre and post operation medical care
  • Providing help during examination and treatment of disease
  • Taking care of paper work
  • Providing information to relatives and family members about patient’s health   
  • Following up patient’s daily medical and care needs
  • Taking Patients sample for examination like blood sample, temperature, pulses, etc.
  • Planning, writing, assessing and recording medical care routine under the supervision of Head Nurse and Doctors on duty
  • Cleaning and redressing wounds
  • Changing drips and injecting patients

Candidates Requirements

  • Proven experience in Nursing
  • Must have Bachelors degree in nursing( BSN or ADN)
  • Observation skills and ability to work in team  
  • Good patience level to deal with different characters and patients
  • Stress and time management skills
  • Emotionally intelligent and resilient  
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills


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