Temporary Jobs

Easy to Hire – Whenever You Require

We have a large pool of candidates, who always ready to start a job on short notice. This means that our team can find the right temporary staff whenever our clients needs. Team workers direct can pre-book a temporary staff for a time in the future when our clients need a temp. This will ease the process for employers and HR department of any business.

In addition to the excellent availability of our temps, we are also very affordable. Our terms and conditions are very flexible and we negotiate favourable fees depending on the needs of the client. The fees are also dependent on the level of the temp required. The more skills and experienced needed, we will need to talk about the level of the fee. This makes us the most competitive agency in the industry.
Cost Effective

Immediate Availability

Due to our extensive database we can send a temp to you within hours of your request. There is no waiting and you also don’t need to give us advance notice. Once you placed your request for a temp, we will find the most appropriate temp candidate for the position and send him / her immediately to your organisation.

Pay As You Go Workers

One of the features of our temporary worker division is the pay as you go workers. This means that you pay an agreed amount of money to us. When you use a temp, you will not need to pay an invoice – the money will be deducted from your existing balance with us. If you don’t have funds immediately available, our pay as you go function will help you get the temp when you need it without any further payment hassles.

We Cover Almost All Industries

We pride ourselves on our flexibility when we provide temps to clients. Because of the diversity of our database, we can cover almost all industries. This means that whatever you need we will in all likelihood be able to provide you with the temp that you need.

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